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Taylor Waterstove model: T-1000,   250,000 BTU/hr.
152"L X 46"W X 83"H   Holds approximately 850 gallons of water for maximum heat reserve.  Over 100 sq. ft. of heat transfer area.
Double pass stainless steel flue recovers more heat than conventional systems.

250,000 BTU/hr. for up to 12 hours on a single fill of wood
Rated in BTU/hr. like a conventional furnace, not max burn rate.

Internal domestic hot water coil rated at 50,000 BTU/hr.
This water to water heat exchanger consists of over 30' of finned copper tube located in the back of the main water jacket, and provides 5 gpm of hot water.
Multiple hot water coils can be installed for even greater DHW output.

Firebox is located at waist height making it easy to load
48"D X 28"H X 32"W

Thermostatic controlled forced air combustion.
Maximum efficiency, quick recovery during periods of heavy usage.

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