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TAYLOR Multi-fuel Waterstove
Heat with wood
AND propane,
natural gas, or fuel
oil from the same
The new TAYLOR MULTI-FUEL WATERSTOVE is a wood-burning furnace with an automatic back-up system.  The furnace is designed to burn wood with an additional firebox that will allow your choice of back-up gun burner, propane, natural gas, or fuel oil to be installed on the furnace.  If your wood burns out, the back-up furnace will automatically come on, keeping the water hot in your waterstove and providing hot water and heat for your home.  The new TAYLOR MULTI-FUEL WATERSTOVE adapts readily to any existing heating system, forced air, hot water baseboard radiators, or radiant in-floor heat.  This is a system that will work well for both new construction and for updating an existing system.

With this multi-fuel system, the wood-fired operation is still the same reliable heating system for which the original 
TAYLOR WATERSTOVE has long had the reputation.  We have added a separate firing chamber in which the gun burner operates.  This totally stainless steel chamber is completely surrounded by water and also has eleven stainless steel tubes through which water flows and is constantly in contact with the water.  As the superheated air flows around these tubes, the water flowing through the tubes is heated and returned to the tank.  This heated water can then flow through your hot water system providing you with comfortable and dependable heat.

TAYLOR MULTI-FUEL WATERSTOVE  is controlled by an automatic thermostat system that allows the auxiliary fuel burner to take over any time that the wood-fired system fails to maintain the required temperature within the stove.  What this means is that if you are away from home or miss adding wood to your waterstove when needed, the multi-fuel system will take over and operate on your auxiliary fuel source until you return home to re-fire your wood system.  It may also be used as your primary heat source and the wood system used as supplementary source of heat.
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