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                   Parts and Accessories
Most critical parts are available from stock during the heating season.  Orders placed by 10:00 am can be delivered the next day via UPS RED for an additional charge. For fastest service please contact me via e-mail at parts@outdoorwoodheat.com
   Maintenance items & Repair parts                   Web Price
Waterguard II, 1 quart pkg.                                          $ 29.12
Anode rod                                                                  $ 24.98
Oil, w/ Zoom Spout tube for blower motor                     $   3.99
Sight tube                                                                    $   2.99
4" Round wire brush                                                    $ 14.66
Door Gasket, per foot                                                  $   2.48
Rivet for door gasket, each, 10 pc min.                         $   0.20
Round inspection cover gasket, black rubber, each         $   4.50
Round domestic coil gasket, red rubber/fiber, set of 4     $   3.50
Aquastat                                                                      $ 83.28
Furnace Thermometer                                                  $ 39.30
Draft blower, T450                                                     $ 88.77
Draft blower, T750                                                      $ 97.60
Prices are valid for items ordered via website only. Shipping charges will apply to all items. Prices subject to change without notice.